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Dr. Amy Somerset provides surgical procedures for both general surgical conditions and weight loss.  She serves the Metro Detroit area and uses minimally invasive surgical techniques such as robotic and laparoscopic surgery.  She treats hernias of all types, gastroesophageal reflux disease (heartburn), gallbladder disease, small intestine and colon pathology, and obesity.  Her goal is to ensure a safe and successful procedure, with minimal downtime.

Bariatric Surgery

Your solution to weight loss is right here in Metro Detroit.
Bariatric surgery is the single most effective long-term treatment for obesity. Dr Somerset and
her team will help you set goals and achieve them. Regain your energy, play with the kids,
reduce your medications, and live and longer and happier life. It’s time to start prioritizing

General Surgery

You don’t need to accept things like hernias,
heartburn/acid reflux, or gallbladder problems as part of your life. Dr. Somerset uses the latest
technology to help support her patients from consultation to recovery.

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"I have struggled all my life to achieve a healthy weight. I have tried every diet possible and yet have never been able to lose the weight. Since my sleeve surgery with Dr Somerset, my life has taken a turn for the best. She took the time to educate me on all of my available options. My recovery was fast and painless. I now have more energy and feel confident and healthy."

Age 55, underwent sleeve gastrectomy


"The entire process has been spectacular. After the gastric sleeve, not only did I lose a notable amount of weight – I am for the first time in 5 years virtually pain free. My blood pressure and A1c have normalized and my insomnia has improved dramatically. Through the entire process I felt supported, heard, and understood."

Age 52, underwent sleeve gastrectomy


"Dr Somerset removed my gallbladder while I was in the hospital. The surgery was quick and painless. I trusted her from the beginning, and she took great care of me the entire time I was there. I’m very happy to have had her as my surgeon."

Age 35, underwent cholecystectomy


"I feel like a new person after my gastric bypass. I have no heartburn at all any more and have so much energy now."

Age 28, underwent gastric bypass


"Best decision of my life and wish I would have done it sooner. I’ve lost almost 100 lbs now. I used to hate taking stairs, walking, and doing things with my kids. I’m excited to be active and have a long and healthy life."

Age 36, underwent sleeve gastrectomy


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